Abosrb Xpeerience is a website/blog with the intention of bringing weekly content regarding different perspectives and how they’re shaped, the pursuit of experiencing things through self exploration, philosophical ideas and suggestions, and much more. We aim to broaden the reader’s mind in hopes that they can turn away with a new outlook in some aspect of their lives. Quite literally, it is our experiences that make us all the unique individuals we are. Through absorbing experiences, we may learn to transmute challenging experiences into useful wisdom. We may also learn to remain more present during pleasurable experiences and remind ourselves that nothing lasts forever. If we can remain aware, each experience may bring us closer to balance.



Currently I am the only author, Benjamin Heldt; I am a 25 year old who loves to write. For me, this website serves as a creative outlet and my interactions with readers are even more fulfilling. I strive to be experiencing something new and exciting to alter my attitude about the world around me. Giving light to a new idea or concept that you’ve never thought of before is my goal. It is my belief that the more exposure we all have to diverse perspectives and opinions the faster we can learn to be open-minded and accepting.